Episode 6: Navigating Romance

Hosted By Laura Hughes

Featuring Katie Larsen, Juliana Linder, and Marisa Roaman and Vanessa Semrow

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There’s a lot to traveling on the road with a romantic partner that is hard to explain with a social media post– things like navigating tight living quarters, the special type of intimacy that comes with keeping a similar sleep schedule and buying all of the same groceries, and the behavioral change that happens when you know that there’s nowhere to retreat in the heat of a disagreement.

It’s for this reason that Laura spends this episode bringing us all a little closer to some of the realities of traveling with a significant other by taking a peek into the lives of three different couples living on the road through the females within them: Katie Larsen, Juliana Linder, and Marisa and Vanessa Roaman.

Tune in for stories on what to do if your partner is an early bird, how getting space from your partner is really a form of intimacy in itself, and that couples who clean together, stay together.


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Resources mentioned in this Episode:

Travels with Charley in Search of America by John Steinbeck

The Happiness Makeover by M.J. Ryan

Additional Resources:

Lessons from Close Travel by Gale Straub via Huckberry

Quiz: How Well Could You and Your Partner #Vanlife Together? by Laura Hughes via Buzzfeed

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Katie Larsen and her partner in their van
The Roamans – Marisa and Vanessa

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