Episode 49 – After the Road

Hosted by Laura Hughes

Banner image by Roberto Flores

What happens when the road trip ends? If the road calls out to you, it– or something similar– probably always will. But it can be difficult to talk about what makes us step away from travel for a while, which is why we enlisted the help of all you listeners out there to share your thoughts and stories. Because just like there are so many things that get us to say “yes” to a road trip, there’s also a wide range of reasons we say “yes” to staying put for a bit.

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Megan Cable continues her dreams of road travel after leaving the first van she traveled in.
Gabaccia left full-time road travel to reflect on what she most wants, and how to achieve it. Photo: Roberto Flores
Meredith Baird on a camping trip following her longer, solo road trip.
Lexi Smith sitting in the van she used to travel in before creating a more stationary life to better support her family. Photo by Dynamo Ultima.


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