Episode 45 – What We’re Moving Toward: Kieren Britton

Hosted by Laura Hughes

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Kieren Britton, solo camper traveler and founder of The Lady Alliance, and our host Laura Hughes have some common threads running through their lives at this moment, and it all centers around focusing our energy on the things they want, as opposed to moving away from what they don’t. And this conversation seemed like the perfect way to put a bow on 2018… because be it travel plans, business goals, or some well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions– keeping an eye on what motivates us to move forward is always going to outshine the challenges or unpleasantries that got us moving in the first place.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why Kieren is okay with her school bus camper staying parked for extended periods of time on occasion
  • What Kieren’s general workflow looks like as a remote worker and solo business owner
  • The importance of balance while traveling
  • The unlikely story of how Kieren got her camper, and why she chose a school bus
  • Why Kieren didn’t make her initial school bus conversion permanent
  • The newest addition to her camper she’s excited to install
  • What The Lady Alliance is, and how long Kieren has been pursuing it full-time
  • How she transitioned from her 9-5 office job to being self-employed
  • What lessons Kieren has learned from running her own traveling business so far
  • Kieren’s top systems and tools she uses to keep herself organized

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Photo of Kieren at a trail vista by Peter O’Hara.

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