Episode 41 – On Letting Go & Surfing Rivers: Brittany Parker

Hosted by Laura Hughes
Also featuring Natali Zollinger

This episode sponsored by Benchmark Maps and Rumpl

River surfing, a niche but growing sport, has taken Brittany Parker from one river to another since 2011, from successful competitions in Colorado, to completing a first descent of the Zambezi River in Africa by stand up paddleboard, to co-founding an instructional river surfing business called RVR 2 RVR. This year, things started off really promising for Brittany– but then it all changed.

For Brittany, this past season has been one full of trauma, change, transition, growth, and– as you’ll hear time and again in this episode– letting go. Because when we go through big changes– and especially when they’re unplanned– the key to moving forward is all in how well we can let go of the expectations that were, to make room for what comes next.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About Brittany’s new-to-her 1994 Ford Coach House van
  • What river surfing is, and how Brittany first got started doing it
  • How Brittany went from being a novice to a competitive river surfer
  • The accident that changed the course of Brittany’s year in a big way
  • How her close friend and business partner Natali helped Brittany using her Wilderness First Responder training
  • Brittany’s current journey of healing
  • The importance of tuning into your body, no matter your health
  • Her insights on letting go of expectations
  • Brittany and Natali’s whitewater SUP instruction and excursion company, RVR 2 RVR
  • Brittany’s advice for anyone out there wanting to try something new,
    take a risk, or get out on the road.

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Teaching river surfing basics via RVR 2 RVR. Photo by Heather Jackson.
Brittany in her original van. Photo by Heather Jackson.
All smiles during a down river competition. Photo by Anna Sees Photography.
Brittany Parker and Natali Zollinger, co-founders of RVR 2 RVR. Photo by Heather Jackson.

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