Episode 40 – Home for the Holidays

Hosted by Laura Hughes 

This episode sponsored by Rumpl and Yakima

There’s no one answer to navigating the holidays– which is why we asked three women with different traveling lifestyles to share how their constant movement interacts with this particular season, and what it means to them to be home for the holidays.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to balance a healthy travel schedule and making time for friends and family when you’re in your hometown
  • Tips for planning your own holiday get-togethers, even if your time is limited
  • The importance of going out of your way to spend time with friends and family when you are around
  • How to make the most of being away from home for the holiday season
  • Thoughtful gift ideas that reflect your travels
  • Advice on how to spend your holiday time if you’re not with friends or family
  • What it’s like to plan and execute holiday road travel with 4 kids
  • Tips for staying organized when traveling long distances as a family
  • What we can all learn from our road travel experiences (even stressful ones)

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Alana Nason on a long road expedition in South America
Enjoying the view
Amie Engerbretson wrapped in a Rumpl in Patagonia
Candice Leavitt backpacking with family in Utah
Amie Engerbretson sitting at a trailhead with her Yakima bike rack
Fishing time for the Leavitt family

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