Episode 30 – Advice

Hosted by Laura Hughes

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We all like a little advice sometimes, so we asked 10 women on the road to answer your most common questions about road travel. Answers vary in some ways, while there are definite patterns in others.

If you’re looking for practical tips, a fresh perspective, or to hear a few words of wisdom gleaned from time spent out on the road, this episode if for you.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Answers and insights to 5 commonly asked questions about traveling on the road:
    • What was the biggest challenge you overcame to get to a more mobile lifestyle?
    • What was most important to you when choosing what vehicle you were going to travel in?
    • What are your favorite “hacks” for living on the road– things that have made your travels easier?
    • Your #1 tip for financing this type of travel.
    • What one piece of advice do you have for women who want to live on the road or have just started?

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