Episode 21: Doing it Anyway

Hosted By Laura Hughes

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How do you overcome challenges to getting on the road?

We wanted to know. Because when it comes to road travel, there’s always a reason not to go, even if you want to. It could be chores, money, a job or other obligations– even things that seem intrinsically good for us, like new opportunities or a relationship or an incredible home. And these things– good, bad, or otherwise, can make it challenging to say “yes” to the call you feel to get out on the road.

We asked listeners to share their experiences of overcoming challenges and getting out there anyway, and you all came through, big time. So in this episode, you’ll hear stories of persistence, creativity, vulnerability, and strength. And even though everyone’s travels are incredibly unique, there’s a strong commonality in the art of the pursuit.

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Featuring Emily Hart, Myla Burns, Cathy Crouch, Laura DeMaio Roy, Jennifer Langille, Meaghan Kelly, Lisa Jacobs, Britany Freeman, Kathleen Morton, and Desiree Penner

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How solo female travelers overcome anxiety and fear on the road
  • One story of a woman battling cancer while living in her van
  • How some women balance work and money with their desire to travel
  • Ways women travelers have successfully developed traveling lifestyles when their partner doesn’t want to live on the road
  • Stories from women who set out solo after ending relationships
  • Why some women didn’t give up after experiencing camper breakdowns
  • How one university student completed her program while traveling on the road

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Jennifer Langille with her dog Monty. Photo by C.T. Bell
Kathleen Morton in her vintage Toyota camper with her dog, Peaches. Photo by Allison Mayor
Britany Freeman out on a road trip with her camper.


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