Episode 19: Leaving it Better – Liz Snyder & Rachel Wood

Hosted By Laura Hughes

Banner Image by Rachel Wood

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Being on the road allows freedom and the feeling of being untethered, but it can also bring with it disconnection to the communities you move through and among. When Liz and Rachel, a couple with backgrounds in non-profit work and do-good spirits, left North Carolina in a 2006 Dodge Sprinter van earlier this year, it was with the intention to find ways to contribute to communities they experienced along the way.

Because leaving things better than you found them is the best way to feel a connection to the place you’re in.

If you’ve ever felt alone while traveling, if you’re interested to know what it’s like when you make a temporary community our own, or if you want to learn how to stay safe while engaging in unknown communities, this episode is for you.


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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The careers Rachel and Liz left behind to pursue road travel
  • What drove Rachel and Liz to move into a van
  • How to know when to let go of your job to make a big change
  • Some lesser-talked about realities of living on the road
  • Tips for staying safe while traveling, no matter where you are
  • What the Groundskeepers program is, and the impact is makes
  • Ways you can make a positive impact on people and communities while traveling

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Liz and Rachel out on the trails


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