Episode 11: Big Car, Very Small Office – Johnie Gall

Hosted By Laura Hughes

Featuring Johnie Gall

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Creating a sustainable lifestyle on the road is more than just figuring out where to sleep– it’s also about creating meaningful, lucrative work. Johnie Gall is someone whose career has blossomed through her commitment to saying “yes” when travel and flexibility were on the table.

With over 10 years of professional experience as a traveling writer and photographer, she’s created a balance between producing quality work for her clients, living part-time in a converted Sprinter van, and traveling the world with friends and peers. From endearing anecdotes to pragmatic advice, Johnie’s perspective on work and travel are meant for anyone wanting to blend more of their outdoor adventure with what brings home a paycheck.

Also in this episode: where you can always go for wifi, how to take a phone call from the road when you travel with a partner, and why a pencil is sometimes the best solution.


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Photo by Marlin
Photo by Andy Cochrane

Photo by Andy Cochrane
Photo by Andy Cochrane


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