Episode 10: Just Try – Emily Pelland

Hosted By Laura Hughes

Banner image by Laura Hughes

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It’s fun to travel with a kitted out camper van, but what if you don’t have one? According to Emily Pelland, if you want to go – you just try.

Emily travels with her boyfriend in a 4-door sedan, tent camping most night of the week and hiking every trail possible along the way. It’s not exactly a comfortable life, but Emily’s desire for her long-term road travel is driven by passion, not by comfort. So 13,000 miles into her trip in the middle of the Mojave Desert, Laura and Emily sit down to hear more of what got her into her car and how she makes it work now that she’s out here.

Also in this episode: how to stay feeling fresh while traveling, what can happen when you ask for remote work at your current job, and Emily and Laura share their weekly budgets.


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