3 Must-Listen Episodes of Women on the Road in 2017

From host Laura Hughes

Banner Image by Morgan Brown, from Episode 10

The beginning of 2017 came with new conversations between Gale Straub and I about what it would look like to have a podcast series centered around the “Women On The Road” online interview series. With my upcoming transition to full-time road travel and interest in taking on a new project, it seemed like the exact right opportunity to say yes to. But with no prior audio storytelling experience, coupled with my concerns around whether a camper van would actually make the best recording studio (spoiler: it depends on where you park!), there were plenty of moments doubt crept into my mind. 2017 was a year of trying, listening, and remaining hopeful.

While I write this, Women On The Road is in production for its eleventh episode. If 2017 started with hope, it’s ending with immense gratitude for every single person who comprises this female travel community: women camper travelers and their support systems. Friends, family, and significant others who consult on builds, give “see you later” hugs, and take phone calls when there’s not enough service. Expert weekend warriors, road trip playlist-makers, and women sitting at home planning their own big camper trip in 2018. Each woman who’s graced our show to date. Every single person who has ever heard an episode, left a review, or told a friend about this podcast. That’s a lot of people. And it’s a lot of gratitude.

I often joke that I’m the first one to say “I’m excited” about new experiences and endeavors– but I’m excited for the future of Women On The Road. And it’s because of all of you. So thank you.

If you haven’t heard the first ten episodes, they’re worth a listen. But these three in particular are must-listens to get you started on Women On The Road so you can jump into 2018 ready for new, inspiring stories of life on the road as told by the women who’ve lived them.

– Laura Hughes, Host of Women on the Road

1. Episode 6 – Navigating Relationships

Marisa and Vanessa – The Roamans

Romantic partnerships add unexpected complexities to life on the road– things like navigating tight living quarters, the special type of intimacy that comes with keeping a similar sleep schedule and buying all of the same groceries, and the behavioral change that happens when you know that there’s nowhere to retreat in the heat of a disagreement.

I’m fascinated by the dynamics between couples who live together in their campers, so when Katie Larsen, Juliana Linder, and Marisa and Vanessa Roaman all agreed to shine a light on their own mobile relationships, I was ready to talk details. If you’ve ever wondered what it can be like to travel with the person you love, this episode if for you.

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2. Episode 9 – Death Dialogue

Photo by Mackenzie Duncan

Morgan Brown currently lives in a vintage VW van, and she has a lot to say about death, dying, and loss. At the age of 22, her mom was killed in a car accident, and since then she’s been looking for ways to give people permission to share their hard stories, most prominently, by carrying a collapsible phone booth atop her van. It’s the centerpiece for a project she started aptly titled “Conversations I Wish I Had”, and she drives it to communities looking to share stories of loss to demonstrate the innate need we all have to tell our hard stories, be it to another face or a phone receiver.

I met Morgan Brown in person for this episode, which was a first for Women On The Road. It felt incredibly important to meet live, and to translate the experience over audio in a way that would bring you there, too. From sitting on the floor of her camper in a coffee shop parking lot to following Morgan around at a “Conversations I Wish I Had” pop-up event in Santa Cruz, you’ll be along for the ride on Morgan’s current journey.

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3. Episode 10 – Just Try

Photo by Laura Hughes

Emily Pelland travels with her boyfriend in a 4-door sedan, tent camping most nights of the week and hiking every trail possible along the way. It’s not exactly a comfortable life, but Emily’s desire for her long-term road travel is driven by passion, not by comfort. So 13,000 miles into her trip in the middle of the Mojave Desert, Emily and I sat down to hear more of what got her into her car full-time and how she makes it work now that she’s out here.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to hit the road with the car you have now, Emily Pelland will show you in this episode. Warning: her contagious, can-do attitude might be enough to spur a long-term road trip of your own.

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