Heather Sundquist

Heather Sundquist


It’s so easy to be pulled into the beauty of a landscape. In many ways, its magnetism comes from within us. It can seem simple because we’re innately connected to the earth: it’s where we come from, it’s where we’ll end up. It supports us and (some of the time), we support it. And yet, the more we think about it, our bond feels more mysterious, more complex.

These thoughts grow like layers, and Heather Sundquist Hall’s paintings do the same. She writes that her work isĀ “drawn from nostalgia.” It is slightly fantastical in that dream-like way memories are built. Heather’s paintings are shifting and comfortable. They’re somewhere we’ve been before and somewhere we’ll be again.


Find out more, in Heather’s words.

The imagery in my work has always been drawn from nostalgia.

There is something very valuable in capturing memories to me. We can learn a lot about who we are when we reflect on the past. Softness and humility rise to the surface when we look back on simpler times.

I have been focusing on quiet and honest places.

Most recently in my work, I have been focusing on quiet and honest places. These have been places I have spent time in, places I envision when I recall a memory, or places that I hope to some day see.
It is a hope of mine when making and sharing art, to allow the viewer to pause for a moment to breath, and to feel even just the tiniest of pull on their heartstrings.

Heather Sundquist is an Austin, TX based artist. Find more of her work in her portfolio and follow along via Instagram.


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