Eva Verbeeck

Eva Verbeeck


Having traveled far and wide for most her life, Eva has seen and experienced places one can only dream of seeing. Luckily for us, she knows how to use a camera and documents the land and faces she’s come across. Her photography is full of color, her landscapes haunting, and her portraits intimate. She believes “photography is the purest form of authentic storytelling” and her photos help prove her point.

They really do tell a story.

Photo of Eva Verbeeck by Spencer MacDonald.

Photo of Eva Verbeeck by Spencer MacDonald.

Eva, On Travel And Photography:

“Ever since I can remember I have been traveling. Up until now I take every opportunity to travel as far as I can. Traveling taught me to broaden my perspective on life, learn from different people and understand cultural issues from various points of view.

I’ve been to 45 countries at this exact point in my life. During these travels I always try to see and learn as much as I possibly can.

I always want to give people an idea of a place I’ve been to. I want to tell them the story that I’ve experienced. For me photography has been the perfect medium to do so. A photograph is something so truly universal as it does not need any translation. For me photography is the purest form of authentic storytelling.”

Eva Verbeeck is a photographer and international law student with the itch for travel and adventure. Seen throughout her social platforms are images of beautiful landscapes and even more beautiful faces. Take a trip around the world through her lens. Check out her work on her website and follow along her travels through her social media links, included below.



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