Episode 93: The Luckiest

Interview with Hannah Andry

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Ask Hannah Andry, and she’ll tell you she feels like the luckiest girl in the world. She’s in love, she has a new dog and easy access to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She’s also had two heart surgeries within the last year. Hannah’s is a story about how quickly things can change and the ways in which nature can fill up your heart.

In this episode, we talk about how Hannah was working her way through a bucket list until near-death, hospitals, and surgeries got in the way. But it lead to her to working for Outward Bound and a new life on the east coast, and for that, she’s incredibly grateful.

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Featuring: Hannah Andry

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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Music is by Jason Shaw and Kai Engel via freemusicarchive.org using a CC by A license

In this episode, you’ll hear:

– About the bucket list Hannah started when she was a girl, and how she diligently checked off items
– Why Hannah wanted to join the military and what happened when she was in training camp for the Air Force
– What PTSD has been like for Hannah after experiencing heart trauma at 23 years old and having surgery to have a pacemaker implanted
– How working for Outward Bound and time outside helped Hannah come to terms with her trauma and prepare her for surgery
– How the White Mountains of New Hampshire are Hannah’s favorite
– Why Hannah always tries to stay positive despite her health issues
– Why she felt it was important to share her story
– How being too focused on your goals can be detrimental


Hannah looking out (by Gale Straub)

The view

In the hospital after anaphylaxis while in the Air Force
In her element
With her Outward Bound family
With her girlfriend Hunter
Hunter and Hannah after Hannah’s second surgery
After surgery #2 – (photo by Gale Straub)

On top of a tower (photo by Gale Straub)

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