Mothers and Daughters

Submit Your Story for a special Mother’s Day She Explores Podcast Episode!

Photo in banner image courtesy of Sheri Tingey, featured in Episode 72, “50 Years an Outdoor Entrepreneur.”

We want to honor mothers this year by hearing your stories of time spent in the outdoors with your own, as well as stories from moms who are making a difference in the lives of their children.

That’s right, we want to hear from mothers and daughters for a special episode of She Explores.

Submit a 3 minute voice memo below or leave a voice mail via 617-917-4721.

Here are some prompts to get you started:

  1. What’s your best memory with your mom outdoors?
  2. What landscapes and outdoor places make you think of your mom?
  3. What do you hope for your children’s relationship with the outdoors?
  4. What outdoor knowledge and advice do you (Mom) want to pass down?
  5. Why is today (Mother’s Day) special to you? Why is it complicated?

Submissions CLOSED.

Recording Tips: As tricky as it is to do, try to forget about the fact that you’re recording. Talk like you’re telling a story to a friend. Listen back and forgive yourself the sound of your own voice – you’re the only one who feels that way about it <3


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