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Community Classifieds

Have a small business, exciting project, or other venture you want to promote? Share an ad in our Community Classifieds and reach 17,000+ subscribers when our Newsletter mails out every other Friday.


What kind of things can I create a community classifieds ad for?

You can create a more general ad for your business, or you can get specific and share a crowdfunding campaign you’re launching, a class you’re teaching, a scholarship you want to promote, an event you’re selling tickets for, a book you wrote and published…Basically anything you want to promote. 

What’s off limits?

We don’t tolerate hate speech of any kind, or events that promote racism, homophobia, ableism, xenophobia, or fat phobia. We reserve the right to refuse any ads. 

Does the ad need to be outdoor/travel focused?

No, but the more in line it is with the kind of content we generally cover, the more likely a reader will click on the link.

Will you still be sharing links the She Explores team discovers through the newsletter?

Absolutely! Those are curated by our team. The Community Classifieds are your opportunity to reserve space.

Will you let me know how the ad performs?

We’re not able to report on how many clicks the link(s) in your ad receives, but you’re more than welcome to use a tracking link like so you can see.

How’d you come up with the idea for this?

We were inspired by Ann Friedman’s Classifieds in her newsletter, The Ann Friedman Weekly.

I still have questions. Where can I send them?

Please email any additional questions you have to