Maintaining She Explores

She Explores is a labor of love, but, like anything, it takes time to maintain. To keep the site ad-free and to collect a bit of pocket change, She Explores has started to take on some sponsored content and the use of Amazon and Avantlink Affiliate links.

What does this mean to, you, the reader?

Hopefully, nothing. Most closely run websites take on sponsored content. Trust us – we would never write about anything we didn’t test and believe in. You’ll know if it’s a sponsored post because it’ll say “Sponsored by” with the article. Same goes for Amazon and Avantlink affiliate links – if we happen to mention a product that is sold on Amazon or through Avantlink’s partners, we’ll embed a code that allows us to receive a small commission (~4 – 8%) that doesn’t raise the price of the product with your purchase, but does help She-Explores keep going.

Here’s to featuring more talented women!