Nicole Lindstrom is traveling Southeast Asia on a motorbike with her boyfriend, Sasha Juliard.  Along the way, they are capturing beautiful images and launching a website – GLDMNE.

Part travel guide, part inspiration board, GLDMNE is sure to set you off on your next adventure.

All photos above and below (C) 2014 Sasha Juliard

In Nicole’s Words:

GLDMNE :: n. a rich and plentiful source of something desired.

What we seek, time and time again, is not wealth in gold, but wealth in knowledge. In insight, in inspiration, in experience and in wisdom.

We live in a time of the “new frontier”, where an undercurrent of men and women are choosing a new direction, pursuing a path outside of the office. The result is an emerging lifestyle of exploration that coincides with professional development and personal growth, merging the goals of happiness and profit.

We traded the office for GLDMNE, our desire for gained insight and discoveries of worldly explorations.

It took three years for my partner to convince me to take the first step. The concept of a 9-5 was so deeply embedded into my consciousness and perception of the way this world works, that the idea of walking out on the corporate ladder I was starting to climb was terrifying. Now, with the knowledge of travel worn feet, I find that the further we go, the harder it is to look back.

To travel freely, in the moment with no expectations, opens a world of astonishing finds and wonder. The people we meet and the places we go both humble and inspire us, continuously fueling our desire for more. It is from this fuel GLDMNE emerged.

GLDMNE is a source of knowledge for those with the same desires. Curated travel guides provide lists for where to eat, what to do, and where to stay. Our gems showcase the best findings per location. Local recipes, art, and experiences are featured on the journal for travel inspired dishes and ideas.

It is our hope to watch GLDMNE grow, bringing together a rich community of travelers, thinkers, artists, and dreamers to create and share their versions of the places they love so that together, we can experience a world of wealth, not in gold, but in knowledge. In insight, in inspiration, in experience and in wisdom.

After all, the human soul is infinite; what it needs more than anything is space to expand.

Photos (C) 2014 Sasha Juliard