We welcome stories and spotlight requests from writers, artists, photographers, advocates, travelers, researchers, conservationists, enthusiasts, and more—from novice and aspiring voices to well-established. We thrive on stories of connection, diversity, growth, expression, change, and creativity. 

We accept submissions and spotlight requests for our blog, social media, and podcast. Format varies widely for these mediums—from a solitary image and caption to a video reel, to a 1500-word feature essay or a 10-image photo essay, to a 30-second voice memo in response to a prompt. We flex with whatever form suits a story best. We celebrate experimentation. 

What you can share

What you can't share

Blatant advertisements, spam, or direct solicitation
Direct asks for donations, fundraising, or crowdfunding efforts
Racist or homophobic content
Content that violates our Community Guideline

We publish reflective travelogues, personal writing, freeform essays, how-tos, Q&As, profiles, and reviews of gear & goods. Browse our archives to get a feel. 

In writing, we value:

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Specificity and detail
Fresh perspectives, diversity
Different mediums: poetry, prose, first-person, fiction
Pieces that make us think differently about our outdoor culture—places, activities, practices, heritage, environment, etc.

Some constraints: please try to work between 250 and 2500 words. We ask for 3-10 high-resolution images to accompany all pieces, which we may edit lightly prior to publishing. A short author bio is also included, with links to portfolio sites and/or social media pages. 

For a spotlight: If you’d prefer to have yourself, your nonprofit, your work, or another initiative highlighted and/or written up by our editorial team at She Explores, we can work with you to tell your story. 

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Have a question you’d like answered or a topic you’d like covered on the She Explores podcast? Would you like to be a guest on the show (or have someone you’d like to recommend)? 

We accept podcast inquiries and suggestions, as well as voice memos (3 minutes or less) recorded via phone or computer. Please note that we are no longer accepting podcast inquiries for 2021.

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We accept original photography, artwork, and video content for consideration to share on She Explores social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. 

Please submit high-resolution files, and relevant information including: your handle(s) to tag, individuals photographed, artwork piece name, and location. 

Crediting creators is very important to us and we’ll make sure your source information is front and center. As the creator, you maintain all rights to the work you submit. Learn more in our Social Consent Form. 

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