We feature writers, artists, photographers, travelers, journalists and researchers, whether novice and aspiring or established. We thrive on stories of self discovery, growth, connection, and creativity.

General Submission Guidelines

We don’t publish clickbait, detailed travel guides, or repetitious content. We do publish human stories in various formats, in the categories of Landmarks, Features, Stay Equipped, & Artistry. Each section is different, so browse the archives to get a feel for each one.


Our stories that work best are relatable messages relayed through powerful storytelling. We value focus and brevity. We love when our contributors bare their souls and get vulnerable, showing us what they’ve learned or experienced in real places, with real people, told in scene with concrete detail and imagery.


She Explores is built on imagery. We believe every woman has a unique way of seeing and experiencing the outdoors and we are inspired by the photography and art she creates from spending time outside. The Artistry section is where we profile artists we admire, yet you’ll find art and photography throughout the site. If you don’t consider yourself a “writer,” but your visual portfolio is a fit, we’ll work with you to tell your story.


Since each of our categories and contributors vary so greatly, it’s hard for us to set a word limit, but please try to work between 250 and 2500 words.

Make sure provided photographs are sized appropriately for web (Min 1500 pixel width, 72 ppi minimum, and max 500kb file size). Set up a dropbox or use google drive to share.

With each Submission we ask for a short bio describing yourself, your work, and why you are interested in contributing to She Explores, along with links to any social media and blog/portfolio websites you’d like to share.

Please allow 1-2 months for our very small team to read your submitted work. Due to volume, we may not be able to personally respond to each submission, but please know that it’s been read and considered.

Submission Forms:

Submissions are currently open through May 31, 2021.
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Thank you in advance for sharing your time and point of view.