Kris Holbrook


Kris makes getting active, hiking for miles and miles, and straining against rock faces look like a whole lot of fun.  There’s a lot of moody and foggy photography out there – Kris grants us bursts of color.  Her work is all her own, and all the better for it.

On her aesthetic:

“I started rock climbing in the spring of last year, which got me going outdoors for the first time in my life. I had no idea what it was like to be out in nature, what it was like to hike, have open skies, none of that. I had never even camped! That has since changed. To simplify the effects of going outdoors: everything has been pretty amazing since, and life has just been way more exciting, fulfilling, and interesting.

Kris Holbrook self portrait
(C) 2014 Kris Holbrook

“What I’m trying to do in photography is get other people psyched to get outdoors. I just want to show that there’s all this awesome stuff out there, beautiful places to go, and great stuff to climb so that other people know it’s there and they can go check it out for themselves.”

(C) 2014 Kris Holbrook

Kris Holbrook lives in Los Angeles.  Currently a freelance graphic designer, she is working her way into the world of adventure photography.  Find more of her work on her portfolio, instagram, and photo tumblr.



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