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As an outsider, Heather Day’s work evokes emotion. It invites the viewer to contemplate their day, or a landscape lingering in the back of their mind, or a childhood memory. There’s frustrated and calm colorful layers, complemented by so much movement.  As an insider, Heather believes in sharing the creative process. Her instagram shows all stages of her work – from sketch to tools, from canvas to photographs. Take a look at her paintings – you’ll be reminded and inspired.

In Her Own Words

Photo (C) 2015 Loren Crosier
Photo (C) 2015 Loren Crosier

“Telling people about my paintings is an interesting process. Usually it starts off with a question about what I do for a living and at some point, I find myself at the intersection of discussing the meaning behind my paintings. It’s an intersection because I have two routes I could go. The first one being — I make energetic, abstract paintings that depict the act and physical process of painting. While that’s probably an accurate description of my work, I have to admit, it’s probably the easy way out. My paintings are about so much more because they reflect a build up of physical layers and personal history. I like to talk about my work as if each painting is a page in a book. One painting leads to the next like a narrative story. My paintings are reactions to moments I’ve collected traveling and interacting with people.

“I spent most of my life moving. By the time I graduated high school, I moved about 18 times from places such as Hawaii, Japan, Virginia, and Chicago.  That could be why my work reflects movement. I’m inspired by new environments. They present new color pallets, textures and ideas through the landscape and people that live there.

“I currently live in San Francisco and I think I’ve fallen in love with the West coast. I’ve grown more as an artist since moving here. Who knew there could be so many shades of grey? The fog creates such an interesting filter on top of the vibrant colors in the bay area. My recent paintings reflect the pallet and landscapes that have inspired me on the west coast as well as other painting concepts. I’m exploring minimal compositions that don’t necessarily cover the entire painting. There’s a component of time that happens when you leave spaces of the canvas empty. There’s room to breathe and it allows the energetic marks a place to travel. ”

Paintings (C) 2015 Heather Day Art

Heather Day is a painter living in San Francisco, California.  See and buy her work on her portfolio site. Follow her through the social channels linked below.



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