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A Website and Podcasts for Inquisitive Women in the Outdoors, on the Road, and Besides.

Something happens to us when we step outside.

Whether it’s the act of lacing up our boots, the fresh air in our lungs, or the panorama of landscape – it inspires us to create and tell stories.

Who is she?

She is curious and ready-to-go; invariably planning her next endeavor. You could just as easily find her climbing in the mountains as rediscovering her home town. You might find her with a watercolor paint brush looking out at the lake, or with her adventure rig pulled over on the side of the road, camera poised.

She Explores is a growing resource for the creative outdoors woman.

We’ve featured more than 300 women’s stories, photographs and artwork on the website and on our podcasts, She Explores and Women on the Road. You can find a selection of talented women below.

She explores with an eye for color, an appreciation of technique, and a pull towards what’s next.

The Team

Gale Straub

Founder and Host of She Explores

Gale Straub

I love landscapes and texture; patterns and history. I’m excited by variety in flavor and travel. I like to problem solve, whether the amount of light to let into a camera lens or how to budget a great adventure. See snippets of my work here.

My boyfriend and I set off in August 2014 on our own trek – ten months spent on the North American road in a Dodge Sprinter van. We’re off the road now, but you can find slices of our undertaking here, as well as interviews with other women on the road, landmark photo essays, artist features, gear reviews and more.

Hailey Hirst

Content Editor

Hailey Hirst

I am a writer and Idaho native. My heart beats for creative nonfiction, wilderness, and lakeside cabins. I’ve lived largely on the road for three years, motorcycle riding, camping in national parks, and sending postcards home from wherever I go. I love taking country roads instead of the freeway and waking up for sunrise.

My greatest adventure was a 20,000 mile motorcycle loop around the U.S. & Canada, completed in May 2016. You’ll still find me tent camping whenever possible, hiking in the Rockies, or home between trips working, writing, and trying my hand at calligraphy and graphic design. Find some of my creative work here.

Laura Hughes

Host of Women on the Road

Laura Hughes

Part-time city-dweller, part-time van-lifer, full-time creative soul with insatiable wanderlust. I’m an instant film enthusiast, a wannabe ukulele rock star, and I can make sense of the world over a good cup of tea. If you give me free reign in a gear shop, it’s safe to say that I will pick up a new hobby every single time. Running, biking, yoga, kayaking, and hiking are in my outdoor repertoire– lover of all, master of none– and my camera is my forever travel companion. Wherever I wander, it’s always within arm’s reach. Read how Laura built out her adventuremobile close to home ->

See more of Laura’s work on her portfolio siteInstagram, and her blog.

Stephanie Wright

Social Media Coordinator

Stephanie Wright

I am a Pacific Northwest native. I grew up in Washington’s Cascade foothills and always loved the activities that brought me outside (skiing, biking, camping), but I didn’t start appreciating the outdoors until I discovered hiking in college. I was instantly drawn to the serenity of the forest and the way it recharges my mind. I have a weird infatuation with thru hiking (but would never do it myself), can wiggle both my eyebrows and ears, and love early bedtimes.

I recently left my job in Seattle to make space to discover what’s next for me. For now I’m trying my hand at personal writing and photography, as well as helping with social media here at She Explores.

Consistent Contributors

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