We all have vastly different experiences in life and in the outdoors, but we connect over meaningful expression and feeling inspired by time spent outside.

She Explores is committed to creating a space where others’ voices are amplified. Since our founding in 2014, we have featured more than 500 women’s stories, voices, photographs, and artwork. We’re always on the lookout for how the conversation about and between women is changing, for voices that still aren’t being heard, for what’s next in the outdoor industry and environmental world, for discussions that are hard to start but important to have, and for stories that reveal we are not alone — even in our private journeys.


The Podcast

She Explores Podcast: Interviews, narrative stories, and listener submissions make up a tapestry of over 100 episodes covering themes such as solo hiking and camping; entrepreneurship; aging; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); conservation; motherhood; chronic illness; and feminism as they intersect with outdoor experiences. Hosted by Gale Straub.

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To encompass all this work we’re doing and to make room for more, we founded a media company.

Through Ravel Media we tell stories, produce audio and digital content, and cultivate community together.  Discover all our podcasts and projects here.

The Team

Gale Straub

Gale Straub

Founder, Editor-In-Chief, and Podcast Host & Producer

I founded She-Explores.com in 2014 as I headed out on a long road trip with my partner. I wanted to create a space where women could share their stories, photographs, and artwork of their experiences outside and on the road. Two years later, I decided to deepen the conversations that were happening on social media and through essays by launching She Explores as a podcast. It’s been so fun to connect with people through this intimate medium.

Today, I oversee editorial content, produce She Explores, co-produce Women on the Road, manage She Explores social media and help coordinate brand partnerships with Noël.


Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes

Women on the Road Podcast Host & Co-Producer

Photo by Miriam Subbiah

Before Women on the Road was a podcast, I joined the She Explores team as a volunteer, taking on a variety of community and content-driven projects. I originally found She Explores because of the online “Women on the Road” interview series Gale Straub started as she took a yearlong road trip with her partner in a Sprinter van. I was about to begin my own road travels and was drawn to this community in a big way, so it’s almost surreal to be co-creating a podcast that shares its name and spirit.

In addition to hosting and co-producing the Women on the Road podcast, I contribute writing and photography, and manage Women on the Road social media.


Hailey Hirst

Hailey Hirst

Digital Content Editor

My journey with She Explores began on Instagram. I followed along and read the blog avidly before applying for a summer internship in 2016. At that point I was on the road too (albeit part-time) on a long-distance motorcycle trip with my partner (now husband). That summer passed and my motorcycle trip ended, but my work here continued. It’s an incredible treat to work more closely with writers these days.

I currently work on cultivating our website content, digital collaboration, and pitch inquiries. I also design products, graphics, and contribute to our visual branding.

Interesting in working with me on a digital feature? Find out more about how to tell your story here.

Noël Russell

Noël Russell

Brand Partnerships

My adoration of She Explores began in 2016 when I spoke with Gale for an interview, where we chatted about vanlife, the Sierra Nevada, and my work in social service. Since then, I’ve continued to be inspired by the stories shared, and connections formed, thanks to She Explores and Women on The Road.

As a lover of our wild spaces, and a champion for inclusion – I’m stoked to be able to support this awesome community by stewarding partnerships with brands who share the same passion for leading with curiosity, and lifting up voices which deserve to be heard.

Tori Duhaime

Tori Duhaime

Sponsored Content Production

I am a Salt Lake City-based photographer and movement artist, originally from Durango, CO. In the outdoors, I’m a jack of all trades, master of none — so you can find me skiing powder in the Wasatch and exploring the slot canyons of southern Utah, sometimes with only a few hours in between. I likes quality local Utah beer and getting caught in snowstorms.

As the Sponsored Content Producer, I strives to create imagery and writing that ensures movement and ethical experiences are at the core of our representation with partnering brands.